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Engineering | Rege Bioengineering Lab


Nucleic Acid Biotechnology (Dr.Sheba Goklany, Rajesh Nitiyanandan, Harini Muralikrishnan)

  • Combinatorial Synthesis of Polymers and Lipopolymers for Transgene Expression and Gene Silencing
  • Overcoming Epigentic and Signal Transduction Resistances to Transgene Expression
  • Cheminformatics Modeling for Materials Discovery (in collaboration with Prof. Curt Breneman, RPI, Troy, NY)
  • Materials for Adenoviral Delivery (in collaboration with Prof. Christina Voelkel-Johnson, Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, SC)
  • Materials for Plasmid DNA Binding and Purification


Tissue Repair and Wound Healing (Russell Urie, Deepanjan Ghosh, Inam Ridha, Dr.Sheba Goklany) 

  • Photothermal Nanocomposites for Tissue Repair (in collaboration with Profs. Michael Jaffe and Valerie Wong, Midwestern University, Glendale, AZ and Prof. Tonia Young-Fadok, Mayo Clinic, Phoenix, AZ)
  • Nanoparticles for Drug and Nucleic Acid Delivery


Cancer Radiotherapy and Sensing (Karthik Subramaniam Pushpavanam, Sahil Inamdar, Subhadeep Dutta)

  • Colorimetric Nanosensor for Visual Detection of Radiation (in collaboration with Dr. Steven Sapareto and Dr. John Chang, Banner-M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Gilbert, AZ)
  • Nanoparticles for Radiation Sensitization (in collaboration with Dr. Aman Anand and Dr. Martin Bues, Mayo Clinic Hospital, Phoenix, AZ)


3D Organotypic Culture Studies (Dr.Sheba Goklany, Rajesh Nitiyanandan, Seyedehmelika Meraji)

  • In vitro Models of Tumor Dormancy
  • 3D cultures for stem cell differentiation (in collaboration with Prof. Ipsita Banerjee, U. Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA)
  • 3D cultures for Nanotoxicology (in collaboration with Prof. David G. Capco, ASU)