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Engineering | Rege Bioengineering Lab

Book Chapters

1.  Megeed, Z., Rege, K., Jayaraman, A., and Yarmush, M. L.
Electrokinetic Separations, in Bioseparations and Bioprocessing: A Handbook, 
2nd Ed., Vol. 1., Prof. G. Subramanian, Editor. 
Wiley-VCH Publishers.
2. Ramos, J., Huang, H-C., and Rege, K.(*)
Delivery of Plasmid DNA to Mammalian Cells using Polymer-Gold Nanorod Assemblies.
Cellular and Subcellular Nanotechnology: Methods and Protocols
Prof. Volkmar Weissig, Prof. Tamer Elbayoumi and Prof. Mark Olsen, Editors.
Methods in Molecular Biology, 2013; 991: 81-91.
3. Ramos, J., Huang, H-C., and Rege, K.(*)
Laser Targeting of Nanoparticles in Handbook of Photomedicine
Prof. Michael R. Hamblin and Prof. Yingying Huang, Editors.
Taylor and Francis Publishers.
In Press, 2013.
4. Ramos, J., and Rege, K.(*)
Inorganic Nanopreparations for Nanomedicine in Frontiers of Nanobiomedical Research
Prof. Vladimir Torchilin, Editor.
World Scientific Publishers.
In Press, 2013.
5. Grandhi, T.S.K. (+) and Rege, K.(*)
Nanomaterials in Therapeutics: Design, Synthesis, and Functionalization of Nanomaterials for Therapeutic Drug Delivery
in Nanomaterials: Impacts on Cell Biology and Medicine
Prof. David G. Capco and Prof. Yongshen Chen, Editors.
Springer-SBM Publisher.
In Press, 2013.